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The banner has a great advantage as an advertising platform compared to billboards: it can be easily installed and removed. It can be made from either MESH or PVC. Both materials are resistant to effect of the weather and they are suitable for use either indoors or outdoors, therefore the display system is guaranteed to last long. These features make banners great unique advertising platforms and provide great flexibility and freedom in communication. Choose your own easily installable, elegant and custom-sized Frameshop frame!

Step 1. Selecting the graphic design
Price 9.900 Ft + VAT
Free optional.
Please check the molino number of the chosen banner
You can upload a graphic design at the cart.
Step 2. Selecting banner print
For two-sided printing is used exclusively blockout canvas!
Step 3. Selecting banner type
Step 4. Selecting customization Konfekcionálás
Please check your chosen Confection
Step 5. Specify banner size
  cm cm
In the case of banners at least 2 meters wide the sheet is reinforced.
,- Ft
,- Ft
,- Ft

Price: ,- Ft