About Us


Usefulness of the banner as a display device has been recognized in many countries and it is widely used. In the case of display used for communication aesthetics are equally important - therefore Frameshop is offering a system that provides unique appearance, variability and flexibility. You can select the needed size with a few clicks in our webshop and order your own Frameshop system. We respond to your order in 24 hours and deliver you the ordered product in a matter of days.

Frames of various shapes and sizes can be ordered thanks to the specially treated molded fixings and aluminum pipes. The frame is very easy to assemble and dismantle with a single wrench and it can be packed and transported very easily thanks to the custom-made aluminum pipes. The banner in the frame can be easily replaced, therefore you get a flexible and continuously variable communication interface. With the Frameshop system we create your message based on your individual needs in the size specified by you.